Invercairn Community Council meets

Invercairn welcome signs.
Invercairn welcome signs.

The village gala, crime and the Waters of Philorth were among the issues discussed at a recent meeting of Invercairn Community Council.

Community councillors meet at Inverallochy School on Monday, February 3, for their first meeting of the year.

Following apologies and approval of the minutes of the previous meeting, it was announced that the dates of this year’s Invercairn Gala will be Sunday, August 3, to Saturday, August 9.

Matters arising included the location of the village notice board, which committee members wanted to see placed on the school wall.

Also discussed was the possibility of a new statue being erected in the village. Community Councillors decided to set up a sub-committee of four members who will now be tasked with pursuing the project.

The long-standing conflict regarding a footbridge at the Waters of Philorth was again discussed.

Councillor Michael Watt told the meeting that the Waters of Philorth Management Group had disbanded and that responsibility lay with the Feuars Managers. The ownership of the railway line was also raised.

The community council agreed to write a letter to the Feuars Managers regarding the ongoing access issues.

During the Councillors’ Report, councillor Michael Watt told the meeting that he had seen dog fouling signs which encouraged people to report dog-owners who allow their dogs to foul pavements and public spaces, and suggested this as a potential solution to the problem in Invercairn.

Councillor Watt also encouraged community councillors to apply for Top-Up Funds at the earliest opportunity once they become available in the new financial year starting April 5, as well as for the Community Council Funding Grant.

Also raised during the course of the meeting was the future of Invercairn Public Hall, which chairman George Ritchie said the community was in danger of losing.

Others issues raised included the problem of rubbish at Inverallochy beach, monkey pole maintenance, ICC archive records and the possibility of building a path to the crossroads at the village.

Following a discussion of correspondence, the treasurer’s report and planning issues, the meeting was brought to a close.

The next meeting of Invercairn Community Council will take place on Monday, April 21.

Police Report

Police Report at Invercairn Community Council:

Police Scotland delivered their report to Invercairn Community Council this week for the period from December 2, 2013, to February 3, 2014.

Officer Mike Taylor reported that there had been 22 reported crimes in the Inverallochy-Cairnbulg area during the period.

Of those, one was an incident of vandalism and one was a theft which turned out to be a civil rather than criminal matter.
Much of the rest included Police Scotland providing help and assistance to residents.
The police are hoping to hold a community surgery in Invercairn from 9am to 12noon on Saturday, May 17. A location for the surgery has yet to be determined.