Invercairn resident reflects on recent Aberdeenshire storms

During the storms that hit Fraserburgh and the surrounding area recently, local man Robert Stephen catalogued the effects of the storm on the grounded vessel The Sovereign.

Commenting, Robert Steven said: “From 9am to 2pm on Saturday December 15 nobody in their wildest dreams ever thought this was possible in a small bay protected by outer Reefs that break all the waves’ strength. These waves hit the trawler broadside. These waves hit the 150 tonne trawler.

“These waves were hitting the 80ft, 150ft trawler with a total pressure of 1225 tonnes of water travelling at over 20mph and rolled and bumped the wreck, 200 metres along the top of the top edge of the Beacon rocks,” he estimated.

Recently, storm damage has affected large parts of Aberdeenshire, badly affecting a section of Fraserburgh’s harbour, and causing flooding in Stonehaven.

At Rosehearty, the severe weather created a hole in the parapet wall of the breakwater at adjoining Port Rae. It is hoped that planned works at Rosehearty in the new year can be extended to include the repair.