Isla’s operation hailed a success by family

Isla McNab is travelling to the US for a life-changing operation.
Isla McNab is travelling to the US for a life-changing operation.

A life-changing operation to allow a nine-year-old Fraserburgh girl to walk for the first time has been hailed a success by her family.

Isla McNab travelled to the US state of Missouri for the selective dorsal rhizotomy last week, with the procedure itself taking place on Wednesday, January 6.

Speaking to the Fraserburgh Herald, Isla’s grandfather, Ronnie, said Professor Park, who carried out the operation, was very pleased with how the procedure went and that he expects to see a tremendous change in Isla’s quality of life within two years’ time.

The nine-year-old has now been discharged from hospital but she is returning to hospital daily to undertake physiotherapy. Isla’s physio is scheduled to continue for a further four weeks.

However, there was further good news when, a few days after the operation, Isla took her first steps on Sunday, January 11.

Commenting, Ronnie said: “We’re all over the moon and Isla’s other grandparents are feeling much the same as what I’m feeling.

“I’ve been keeping up to date with Isla through Facetime and she looks very pleased with herself.

“She’s a very determined little girl and I’m sure she’ll take the physio in her stride.

“The whole of Fraserburgh have been on Facebook and have been rooting for her. It’s incredible, the support she’s had.”