Joint push for International Women’s Day

In recognition of International Women’s Day, North-east parliamentarians Sir Malcolm Bruce MP and Alison McInnes MSP have called on people to sign up to help end violence against women and girls.

Events took place across Scotland and beyond on Friday, March 8, to celebrate the achievements of those who have worked to improve the social, economic and political position of women.

The UN Commission on the Status of Women is currently meeting in New York to discuss violence against women around the world.

Commenting, Alison McInnes, MSP for North East Scotland, said: “Many people will know a friend, family member or colleague who has been the victim of abuse. It is appalling that one in three women will be a victim of violence and that in some parts of the world a girl is more likely to be raped then learn how to read.

“Individuals can mark International Women’s Day by helping send a clear signal that violence will not be tolerated. Tell global leaders that it’s time to take action by logging on to”

Sir Malcolm Bruce MP, Chair of the International Development Select Committee, returned recently from a visit to Ethiopia where he has been gathering evidence on this issue. Sir Malcolm commented: “We have been looking at projects which seek to reduce violence against women and girls which is endemic in many societies and an obstacle to development and progress as well as a basic denial of human rights.

“We have already taken evidence in London and have been shocked at the scale of female genital mutilation in some societies. Indeed, it is even happening to girls in the UK – including in Scotland - where an estimated 24,000 women and children are deemed at risk.

“My colleagues and I have been meeting women’s groups who are taking up the issue and finding out how they can be supported. I hope we will be able to produce a report that shows what is working and how the UK’s development assistance can make a positive difference.”