Keep our beach tidy urges Topping

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A FRASERBURGH councillor has launched a stinging attack on those responsible for a mass of litter on the Broch beach.

The unseasonal sunshine and hot temperatures has not only brought more folk out onto the lovely sands, but a mountain of used disposable barbecues, beer cans and bottles.

It has prompted an appalled Councillor Brian Topping to hit out at those responsible and he is now calling on people to enjoy our beaches but to keep them tidy.

Following the recent lovely weather Cllr Topping was horrified when he saw the amount of bottles, cans, food packages and even barbecues that had been left discarded at Fraserburgh beach.

Commenting on the rubbish, he said: “I was shocked and angry about the amount of litter that had been left by a minority of irresponsible people.

“There were broken bottles, cans, carrier bags, food packages and even barbecues were abandoned. There are also some dog owners who, having picked up the mess left by their dog mess, abandoned the bag, rather than take it to the first available dog waste bin.”

The local councillor is not alone in his concerns about the state of our beaches, as the Fraserburgh Herald was contacted by a Broadsea resident who said the neighbouring beach was just as bad.

She said: “There is a phenomenal amount of rubbish being left in Broadsea including bottles, paper, dirty disposable nappies, used tampax and household goods. I have a dog and walk down there every day and she is always picking up things. It is a disgrace.

“There are also dog owners who have picked up the mess left by their dog but then thrown the bag away.

“This defeats the purpose and I just don’t understand it. I always pick up after my dog, why can others not do the same and put it in the bins.”

Cllr Topping has since raised his concerns with Ian Tillett, principal landscape services officer at Aberdeenshire Council, and was delighted when the rubbish at Fraserburgh beach had been cleared away within 24 hours of raising his concerns.

In 2010, Fraserburgh Philorth beach retained Rural Beach Award status and Fraserburgh Esplanade retained Resort Beach Award status.

During the recent Banff and Buchan Area Committee meeting Aberdeenshire’s Landscape services revenue works programme for 2011/2012 was approved.

This will see Aberdeenshire Council invest £13,500 in facilities at Fraserburgh beach and caravan park.

The investments are part of Aberdeenshire’s continued development of of the approved Beach Maintenance Stategy, demonstrating the continuous service improvements needed to achieve the stringent criteria of the awards.