Kinnaird lighthouse features in new book

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‘Dynasty of Engineers’ is the new book by Prof. Roland Paxton now available at The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.

Published to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the building of the Bell Rock Lighthouse, the book is the definitive work on the Stevenson family.

Prof Roland Paxton is one of the most eminent writers on the Stevensons, the famous lighthouse family who were responsible for building over 92 Scottish lighthouses in five generations of the family. Prof. Paxton has written the biographies for each of the Engineers of the Northern Lighthouse Board for the Dictionary of National Biography. This new book collects all of these biographies in one place as well as including a list of each of the lighthouses the Stevensons built, their date of building and other essential details.

‘Dynasty of Engineers’ also includes newly published work on Robert Stevenon’s building of the Bell Rock.

Prof. Paxton has had access to previously unseen papers from the Stevenson family as well as conducting research in the Scotland’s major archives to look for evidence of the work of Robert Stevenson.

‘Dynasty of Engineers’ is a must have book for anyone interested in the Stevensons or the building of lighthouses. It can be bought from the Museum’s shop or online at For further information about ‘Dynasty of Engineers’ please get in touch with The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses on 012346 511022 or email