Kip taking museum to new heights

Local chef Kipras Preidys is taking the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses to new heights, their busy weekend restaurant now open for business on Thursdays.

The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses had begun opening for evening meals last year, offering diners an alternative location to eat on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Chef Kipras Preidys at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.

Chef Kipras Preidys at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.

In the wake of Kip’s recent Taste of Grampian success, however, it has been revealed that the young chef will now helm an ambitious project to keep the restaurant, situated in the Stevenson Cafe, open for four nights a week.

The collections manager at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, Michael Strachan, commented: “The evenings on the Friday and the Saturday have done so well we’ve had to open on Thursday as well to meet demand.

“It’s really a testament to the work that our young chef does every weekend - we’re always fully booked.

“He’s very passionate about his food as we’ve all seen from his Taste of Grampian achievement recently, so it’s really all down to him. We are all very proud of what he’s achieved for the museum and for himself in such a short period of time.”

Kip had competed in the Taste of Grampian awards last month, telling us afterwards that he hoped to take part in more competitions.