Legal highs to be examined by group

Councillor Brian Topping.
Councillor Brian Topping.

Fraserburgh’s community safety group are to target legal highs after being contacted by a concerned parent, it has been revealed.

Local councillor Brian Topping had contacted the Fraserburgh Herald this week to discuss the issue, saying that a meeting would be scheduled later in the year to help like minded locals who may be concerned by the nature of the legal highs.

The NHS identify legal highs as substances that are used like illegal drugs, such as cannabis or cocaine, but are not covered by the misuse of drugs laws. states: “Legal highs can carry serious health risks. The chemicals they contain have in most cases never been used in drugs for human consumption before, so haven’t been tested to show that they are safe. Users can never be certain what they are taking and what the effects might be.

“If you think you are having a serious negative reaction soon after taking a legal high or you experience problems that do not settle with a little time out, fluids and fresh air, get medical help straight away by going to the accident and emergency (A&E) department of your nearest hospital,” it adds.

“We’re going to be hosting a public meeting regarding legal highs. We’re going to have a professional from the health board there,” the councillor told us.

He has also appealed for member sof the public, including young people who have friends who have used the highs, or health professionals who have treated people under the influence of them, to contact either himself or the secretary of the safety group about attending the meeting.

“There seems to be very little help or support for someone who could face them.

“We’re hoping that people, including parents and guardians, who are interested can come along,” Councillor Topping said. The meeting is expected to take place later in the year. Councillor Topping can be contacted via the email address