Let’s get together to raise £50k for Dylan

The family of a Peterhead boy suffering from a form of cerebal palsy have started a campaign to raise money for a life-changing operation.

Two-year-old Dylan Parsons was diagnosed with spastic diplegia earlier this year and may need to travel to America to undergo corrective surgery on his spine.

The condition has left Dylan unable to walk normally because muscles in his hips and legs are unusually tight.

Dylan’s parents, Jenna and Wayne, have started the ‘Step Up For Dylan’ campaign to raise £50,000 for a selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR).

Dylan’s mum Jenna, said: “We noticed his feet kept coming up and he was walking on his tiptoes.

“We went to a chiropractor and a private physiotherapist. They believed it might be spastic diplegia and this was confirmed by a consultant.

“The signals going to the muscles in his legs are too tight causing his feet to lift off.

“He can walk round the house for a few steps but he falls when he walks outside.

“Fingers crossed we can give Dylan this life-changing operation, otherwise he could end up in a wheelchair permanently.”

Although not all children with spastic diplegia qualify for the operation, Dylan has been offered the treatment by a leading expert at St Louis Children’s Hospital.

Dylan’s surgery is scheduled for April 2014.

With help from Aberdeen and Shire Community Therapy Group, the family have organised fundraising events including a craft fair and indoor car boot sale at the Rescue Hall in Peterhead, a Home and Gift Fair in Mintlaw and a Peterhead Boxing Club fight night in Ellon.

For more information on the various fundraising events, visit www.facebook.com/StepUpForDylan.

To donate towards the operation, visit either www.justgiving.com/aberdeenandshirectg or http://www.justgiving.com/Liz-Gauld.