Lifeboat called out three times in 10 days

Fraserburgh Lifeboat 'Willie and May Gall' was called out to assist the fishing boat BF 101 Sunlight Ray recently.
Fraserburgh Lifeboat 'Willie and May Gall' was called out to assist the fishing boat BF 101 Sunlight Ray recently.

The volunteer crew of Fraserburgh Lifeboat has been called out for a third time in just 10 days, after a vessel got into difficulty on Monday.

The crew of the lifeboat ‘Willie and May Gall’ were paged at 11.20am on June 24 to go the assistance of the fishing boat BF 101 Sunlight Ray which was taking in water 17 miles east of Fraserburgh.

With Coxswain Victor Sutherland at the helm and Jason Flett as mechanic, the lifeboat left its berth at 11.28am with volunteers Amy Allan, Stephen Brown, Graeme Duthie, John May and William McDonald aboard.

The crew met the Sunlight Ray, which was already steaming towards Fraserburgh, after 40 minutes. Coxswain Sutherland manouvered the lifeboat alongside the Sunlight Ray in a heavy swell. This allowed Graeme Duthie and John May of the lifeboat crew to board the Sunlight Ray and transfer two pumps so they could assist the fishing boat’s own pumps which were failing to cope.

The lifeboat then proceeded to escort the fishing boat back to Fraserburgh harbour, both vessels arriving back at port at 3pm.

After escorting the Sunlight Ray, which had a heavy list to the shiplift for inspection, the Fraserburgh Lifeboat returned to station where it was washed down and refuelled and ready for service at 4pm.

The previous weekend, on Saturday, June 15, with duty Coxswain John Stephen in command, the crew was called to assist a speed boat, with two persons on board, which had suffered engine failure to the west of Kinnaird Head. The alarm had been raised by a member of the public.

Then, at 8pm on Sunday, June 16, the crew responded to a call of a male who had fallen down cliffs to the west of Rosehearty. Arriving quickly in the vicinity, Coxswain John Stephen immediately ordered a shore line search and the casualty was quickly spotted. Volunteer crew members John May and Barry Pitchford were dispatched in the inflatable XP boat and were able to assist the young male who had broken both ankles aboard.

Returning to the lifeboat, he was taken back to Fraserburgh and then transferred to ARI. He is now believed to be recovering at home.