Lifeboat called to upturned boat sighting

The Lifeboat recovers the upturned vessel
The Lifeboat recovers the upturned vessel

Fraserburgh and Macduff Lifeboats were called out on Saturday to reports of a sighting of an upturned vessel a quarter of a mile east off Crovie Point.

It wasn’t until the crew were on scene that they became aware that the vessel had actually been abandoned the day before but the Coastguard had not been informed.

The story emerged that the occupant had alerted a nearby yawl when his own vessel started sinking a day earlier on Friday. He was taken aboard the yawl and was safe, well and uninjured and had returned home but hadn’t informed the Coastguard.

A Lifeboat spokesperson said: "A number of locals had been aware of the mishap but the almost fully-submerged upturned vessel was hidden from sight in an inaccessible cove at the bottom of a high rocky cliff. People had all assumed that the Coastguard had been made aware of it.

"Working together, Fraserburgh and Macduff Lifeboat crews soon spotted the stricken vessel and set up a tow. The upturned vessel was towed to Gamrie Harbour at Gardenstown."