Lifeboat in harbour rescue


Fraserburgh’s lifeboat, the ‘Willie and May Gall’ was launched into action early on Sunday morning, at 1:20am, to go to the assistance of a fisherman who had falled into Fraserburgh harbour.

With Victor Sutherland as Coxswain and Gipper Ainslie as mechanic, 
the lifeboat quickly arrived on 
the scene and two volunteer 
lifeboat crew members, Stephen Brown and Graeme Duthie, 
jumped into the water and managed to support and assist the man who was semi-conscious.

They managed to secure a lifting strap around the casualty enabling volunteer crew members Barry Pitchford, Iain Milne and Jason Flett to hoist him on board and secure him in a stretcher.

Speedily returning to the lifeboat 
berth, he was then hoisted aboard 
the lifeboat before being transferred to 
a waiting ambulance and taken to intensive care at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Enough volunteer crew members 
had turned up to form two crews in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Coxswain Sutherland 
paid tribute to his crew and how quickly they had responded to 
their pagers going off, years of commitment and training had paid off.

The fisherman was released on Monday after making a speedy recovery.