Lifeboat rescues kite surfer

RESCUE: Bodgan Bocaneala was thankful to the Fraserburgh crew.
RESCUE: Bodgan Bocaneala was thankful to the Fraserburgh crew.
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The Fraserburgh Lifeboat ‘Willie and May Gall’ was called out on Saturday, June 30, after the coastguard had received a phone call informing them of a kite surfer in trouble in Fraserburgh Bay.

Bodgan Bocaneala, a 30 year-old Romanian kite surfer, had taken advantage of the good weather on Saturday afternoon, but got into trouble when his legs had become entangled with the lines of his kite some distance from the beach.

Although a good swimmer, Bogdan had found it impossible to swim back to shore due to the powerful current.

His wife, who had been watching from the shore, became concerned and fearful for Bodgan’s safety, and immediately called the Coastguard who then asked Fraserburgh’s Lifeboat Operations Manager to launch the lifeboat.

The first volunteer crew members arrived at the station within five minutes and the boat was launched at 4:35pm with 2nd Coxswain David Sutherland, mechanic Gipper Ainslie, and crew members Colin Mcleman, John May, John Stephen, Kira Downie and Barry Pitchford aboard.

Within minutes, the lifeboat had arrived at the scene and pulled Mr Bocaneala aboard and headed back for port.

Although he had been helpless in the water for around half-an-hour, fortunately he did not require medical assistance on arrival at the lifeboat station and was more than grateful to his rescuers.

“These guys are heroes,” he said.

“If not for them I would be on my way to Norway by now, or worse!”