Lit cigarette probably caused fire aboard Broch boat

Smoke billows from the stricken Karinya
Smoke billows from the stricken Karinya

An investigation into a fire on board a Fraserburgh fishing boat last year has cited a lit cigarette as the probable reason behind the blaze.

Five members of The Karinya were forced to abandon the vessel when the cabin caught fire on October 4 last year as they were fishing in the Moray Firth.

A report by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch was unable to determine the source of the fire but has said the fire probably resulted from a discarded or poorly extinguished cigarette.

Other possible sources cited by the investigation team included spontaneous combustion or an electrical malfunctions, possibly with a phone charger.

The spontaneous combustion theory says that the fire possibly started when several black plastic bags filled with clothing may have come into contact with oil, causing spontaneous combustion to occur.

Spontaneous combustion results when a material self-heats to such an extent that it ignites.