Locals are left without telephones since early July

George Bowie has been without a telephone since July 2.
George Bowie has been without a telephone since July 2.

Residents of Fraserburgh’s Blantyre Crescent, between Buchan and Brodick Roads, have been without internet access or phone lines since early July.

The disconnect, which was last week still affecting residents of the street, is expected continue until the phonelines, which are underground, are repaired.

Aberdeenshire Council, when contacted by The Fraserburgh Herald, said that they could not prevent a utilities firm from opening up the road should it be required, added its role in the process was purely administrative.

Fraserburgh and district councillor Brian Topping, who has called BT on behalf of at least one resident on the street, spoke to The Fraserburgh Herald on Monday about the situation.

He said: “It’s really, to me,terribly unsatisfactory.

“When you’ve got, in particular, elderly folk on their own - a phone is a lifeline.”

The Fraserburgh Herald had been informed of the disruption of service by local man and Blantyre Crescent resident George Bowie, who explained that his home had been without broadband access or a telephone connection since July 2.

He had, however, been able to access the internet thanks to the help of a nearby neighbour who was unaffected by the disconnect.

Councillor Topping, meanwhile, added that he was happy to help in this instance, despite the situation not being a council issue.

A spokesperson for BT told The Fraseburgh Herald: “This problem was caused by contractors working for Openreach accidentally cutting through an underground cable serving part of Blantyre Crescent.

“Eight people have reported faults on their lines and their service providers will have offered the opportunity of having their lines diverted to a mobile or fixed line of their choice so that they don’t miss any incoming calls. The cable is being excavated tomorrow (Tuesday) and all the lines should be restored to service on Wednesday.

“We’d like to apologise for the inconvenience and frustration this break in normal service has caused.”