Lock your doors, say police

People around the North-east are still leaving doors open for criminals, and failing to heed warnings about crime prevention, a top police officer has

Aberdeen Division Chief Inspector Garry Senff has renewed Grampian Police’s appeals for residents to lock their homes and secure their property.

Police are sending out the message that an open door is an open invitation, and two victims of sneak-in car thefts have warned homeowners not to be complacent.

Since October, over 100 cars worth £1million have been stolen, in over 90% of cases using the ignition keys for the vehicle.

Most new cars are very difficult to start without the ignition key, leading criminals to attempt to obtain the key by whatever means possible.

The value of cars recovered so far is around £900,000, but that does not reflect the upset and inconvenience caused to their owners, which could have been easily

If you want to report a crime, or want advice on how to keep your property secure, contact Grampian Police on 0845 600 5 700.

Crimestoppers, meanwhile, can be contacted on telephone number 0800 555 111.