Lost lives monument nears its completion

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The Invercairn community will soon have a place to reflect on those who have lost their lives at sea as a new monument nears completion.

Invercairn Community Council have raised £30,000 to build the commemorative place at Shore Street in Cairnbulg.

Mike Summers, who is heavily involved in the project, said: “There was feeling that the community over the years had lost a lot of people to the sea.

“The Invercairn Community Council wanted to recognise this.”

It is now expected that the monument could be finished within a month which will be followed with an official unveiling.

Mr Summers said: “We started the project in February so it has taken less than a year.

“Within the next four weeks the statue should be finished.”

To help get the project get started the Invercairn Gala loaned the Community Council £15,000 with the project as a whole estimated to cost around £30,000.

The money needed to erect the monument was then raised through the charity of local businesses and fundraising events such as the Invercairn Gala.

Mr Summers said: “It’s amazing.

“The generosity of the people in the community and the businesses that have contributed to this has blown our socks away.”

The land at Shore Street now has been aquired and laid out with a pathway and lined with stones.

The Community Council now awaits the finishing touches to the bronze statue that will be the centre piece of the monument.

The statue has been commisioned from Beltane Studios in Peebles.

Mr Summers said: “Everyone has done really well with the fundraising.

“I am really really looking forward to the official opening.”