Mace owner calls for lay-by to ease traffic

Mace owner Lyn Allan outside her Fraserburgh store.
Mace owner Lyn Allan outside her Fraserburgh store.

The owner of a convenience store in Fraserburgh has called for a lay-by to be built at the side of her shop to ease traffic congestion.

Mace owner Lyn Allan would like to see a lay-by created near the junction on Lochpots Road to allow a small number of vehicles to park at the side of the store.

The call follows efforts by Councillor Brian Topping to ascertain the ownership of the carpark to the rear of the Mace, as reported in the Fraserburgh Herald recently.

It was when Lyn took over the running of the shop in February that she discovered the original title deeds which said the carpark does indeed belong to the Council.

Once the ownership of the land was resolved, Councillor Topping then pushed for improvements to be made to the carpark.

At the same time, the Fraserburgh councillor also approached officers to ask if a lay-by could be established at the side of the shop to ease congestion at the junction.

However, council officers said a new lay-by could not be justified because of the carpark to the rear of the shop and because of the close proximity to the junction.

Mace owner Lyn Allan is now renewing her call for the creation of extra parking spaces - adding that the installation of an ATM at the shop in the near future will likely only add to the volume of traffic.

Commenting, Lyn said: “A lay-by isn’t just for the benefit of my shop, it would benefit the whole street.

“I think it would be so much safer to have a lay-by - especially for ambulances, buses and larger vehicles to get past.

“Those cobbles have been there since the 70s, they’re not safe and the land would be better utilised as car parking space.”