Maitlands throws weight behind CCTV

John Maitland (left) with Brian Topping of the Fraserburgh CCTV Working Group
John Maitland (left) with Brian Topping of the Fraserburgh CCTV Working Group

Maitlands has become the latest business to throw its weight behind Fraserburgh’s CCTV scheme.

John Maitland made a significant contribution to the initiative which hopes to effectively double the cover of the existing system.

Mr Maitland said he was “delighted” to be supporting the scheme which he says will make Fraserburgh a safer, more secure town for everyone to enjoy.

He said: “From previous surveys, reports and the Planning for Real process, it has been highlighted that CCTV makes people feel safer and more secure as they shop in the town centre.

“We are very happy to make a contribution to phase two of the CCTV scheme and I hope it will encourage other businesses to rally behind it and ensure it goes ahead.”

The Broch retailer’s support comes on the back of an urgent call to local firms to build on a highly successful first phase which has seen high quality monitoring devices dotted around the town centre.

It is now hoped to extend this to other key spots like the bus station plus more pubs and clubs.

Councillor Brian Topping of the CCTV Working Group said: “We are very pleased with the success of the first stage of this process and we know too that the police are delighted.

“We would like to say a very big thank you to John Mailand and indeed to everyone who made a donation.

“We are very grateful to all the businesses who are supporting this project - if anyone is thinking of making a donation, it is getting to the point where this is needed so this can continue.”

“You would not need a business in the town centre to contribute. Those based elsewhere use this area too so it makes it a safer environment for all.”

It is intended to produce a list of benefactors unless donors would prefer to remain anonymous.

In September last year, councillors approved a £60,000 cash injection to overhaul Fraserburgh’s outdated CCTV system but only if a £10k fundraising drive is successful. Councillors were told that it was a vital tool for the Police and wider justice system, and had resulted in reduced incidents of theft.