Major changes to Westfield School?

Westfield School, Fraserburgh.
Westfield School, Fraserburgh.

Planning proposals submitted to Aberdeenshire Council could see major changes in the aesthetics of Westfield School, Fraserburgh.

The proposals, which have been submitted to planners by the council’s property service, on behalf of its education, leisure and learning service, could see the formation of a new entrance area, the installation of glazed rooflights and the erection of both a biomass plant and playground fencing.

The proposals also ask for the painting of the external envelope.

A report accompanying the proposals tells planners of the need for a new entrance to the school, saying: “On arriving at Westfield it is immediately apparent that the school lacks a clearly defined entrance. The existing entrance is through narrow double doors, up two steps and (without any glass) is not visible from the inside.”

It goes on to say: “The aim is to provide a confident and proud new public face which welcomes visitors to the building.”

Of the biomass plant, it says its inclusion is based on a fuel choice strategy carried out by Aberdeenshire Council’s building services department.

“Biomass represented the best solution in achieving the Council’s aim to reduce carbon omissions,” the report says.