Make the most of the Dalrymple Hall: Tait

Councillor Ian Tait has welcomed the news that the downstairs section of the Dalrymple Hall will shortly be back in use as a store.

However, the Broch Councillor feels that more needs to be done to ensure that the entire building is utilised.

“I think it would be better for a company or organisation to make use of the downstairs space at the Dalrymple Hall,” he said.

He confirmed that he had held discusses with the hall users, including the Fraserburgh Junior Arts Society, about what to do with the boarded up windows that front onto the harbour.

“Work is ongoing on the electrics in the building and I would like to see a local company or another group using the space. The council has an asset management strategy and the aim is to maximise the useage of council space,” he added.

Councillor Tait feels that having that section of the listed building in use is the best way to maintain the property and he said he has had discussions with the Head of Property at Aberdeenshire to that effect.

He also pointed out that the Scottish Government had announced plans to hand out money to Aberdeenshire Council towards aiding regeneration of small towns.

Therefore, he called on his constituents to contact him with any ideas or suggestions they may have regarding the best way to utilise any such funds.:

“In a way, I want to set up an ideas file. Then, in future I can put forward these ideas to help regenerate the town,” he added.

Councillor Tait can be contacted by email at