Make this your year of volunteering: MSP

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MSPs have joined forces with Focus Scotland Magazine to make promoting community based volunteering their New Year Resolution.

The campaign aims to get the Scottish public to embark on a volunteering journey in 2013 while raise awareness and promoting community volunteering in 2013.

Pledging to support the campaign the MSPs signed banners promoting the campaign, which aims to encourage more people in Scotland to volunteer within their community with the hope to see an increase in community involvement throughout the country in 2013.

Stewart Stevenson MSP for Banffshire & Buchan Coast was one of the first to sign the campaign banner.

Commenting afterward Mr Stevenson said: “The importance of volunteers in our communities cannot be overstated and this campaign is an opportunity for us all to recognise the good work of volunteers across Scotland, and to encourage more people to get involved in activities in their community.

“There are endless ways people can help out in their local area, and have a great time, learn new skills and make new friends in the process. The profile of the voluntary sector is particularly high just now, and this is the perfect time for someone considering taking up a new voluntary activity to do so.”