Marina vote inconclusive

The Fraserburgh Herald asked the question last week whether or not Fraserburgh Harbour should develop a marina for the use of private vessels, following the news that a local councillor had neared the completion of a restoration project to breathe new life into an old fishing vessel.

Results have shown that, of the people to take part in the poll, the decision was very much split 50-50 on an answer.

Councillor Michael Watt had previously told the Fraserburgh Herald that a marina was in the best interest of the community, saying that across the country there are long waiting lists for places in marinas.

Supporting this was the councillors claim that such a facility would be a welcome boost to local economy, with the tourism trade valued at £65 million.

Do you have strong feelings either way about the prospect of marina?

This week, the Fraserburgh Herald, inspired by letters from readers telling us what they want in 2012, asks the question if the Broch should bring back town centre Hogmanay celebrations.

Tracy Geddes, writing to us last week, is optimistic about the prospect of the Broch returning to former glory in 2012, writing:

“Times are different now, we all feel it. . . We can surely take inspiration and hope from the hundreds of locals who turned out for the late night Christmas shopping event in December.”

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