Mark Caldwell breaks the course record

A record number of 29 runners, turned out on an excellent night for running recently, although that was not the only record.

Mark Caldwell took the course record with an excellent run despite a great effort from Charlie Noble finishing just 8 seconds behind Mark’s scratch time.

David Abernethy improved on his winter best time by 2 minutes finishing well clear of the field. Mark Andrew Masson is also back to his best form coming in second just beating Jennifer Thomson who had the best run for the ladies.

Elaine Whyte had the best scratch time for the ladies.

Stephen Milne and Billy McBeath had good runs for the second consecutive race and both are now top of the league.

Handicap: 1. David Abernathy 45 minutes 14 seconds 2. Mark Andrew Masson 46:41 3. Jennifer Thomson 46:45 4. Stephen Milne 47:12 5. Billy McBeath 47:21 6. Jim Bowie 47:45 7. Charlie Noble 47:45 8. Gillian Strachan 47:46 9. Carol Massie 47:55 10. Billie McFarlane 47:56

Ladies Scratch: Elaine Whyte 32:40, Gillian Strachan 34:06, Carol Massie 36:35

Mens Scratch: Mark Caldwell 31:32, Charlie Noble 31:40, David Wilson 47:55

Top League Positions: Stephen Milne and Billy McBeath 13 points, David Abernathy and Andrew West 10 points, Elaine Whyte and Mark Masson 9 points, Jennifer Thomson and Graeme Clark 8 points.