Market visits Broch


Sausages, outdoor furniture and scarves were all on offer at the international market at Saltoun Square last weekend, delighting many Brochers who were fortunate enough to have stumbled upon

With the success of the visiting market, the Fraserburgh Herald asked its readers for their own thoughts on whether or not they would embrace the idea of a similar, local market taking place in the town centre in the

Brochers, it appeared, were keen on the idea of such a market featuring local produce, with no one, as yet, objecting to the

“Definitely, it would be fantastic to see something like that regularly,” said Grace Nibloe.

Mole HD wrote: “Having spent a lot of time in foreign climates where this is a daily sight, I’d love it.”

“It would be great to have a regular market day,” commented Eileen Jane Tait.

Lorna Ritchie added: “Would be good for the town. If folk know it’s there every month, I am sure you would get people from other places.”

In total, over 20 comments have been made on the suggestion by Fraserburgh Herald

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