Merchant Navy families urged to make contact

Royal Mail.
Royal Mail.

Royal Mail is looking for the veterans and descendants of the crew that sailed abord Merchant Navy ships over the past 200 years.

Aanticipates the release of a new series of limited edition Merchant Navy stamps, which will go on sale in

Merchant Navy veterans, or families whose ancestors served on the Merchant Navy’s most famous ships, are invited to share their stories and to celebrate the heritage of Britain’s civilian seafarers.

35,000 British merchant navy sailors were killed during WW2 alone and thousands of vessels lost.

Andrew Hammond, Director of Stamps and Collectables, Royal Mail said: “We are keen to hear from relatives of those who served on ships that sailed from 1813 to the 1980s – particularly those related to the heroes who sailed the merchant vessels during the Battle of the Atlantic and in the Arctic convoys, pitting themselves against German U-boats with the losses of many lives.

“As well as families, we would of course love to hear form surviving crew members themselves from the more recent Merchant Navy

“The Battle of the Atlantic, which continued for the entirety of the Second World War, was key to Allied victory and the Merchant Navy’s role can never be forgotten.”

Once the stories are gathered, selected people will be invited to a reception aboard the Cutty Sark where they can share stories and hoist flags commemorating a number of the great Merchant Navy vessels.

Those wishing to share their stories are requested to email, or call Miki on 07900 690 574.