Mintlaw couple celebrate Platinum anniversary

John and Lucie Low renewing their vows at Strichen on their 68th anniversary
John and Lucie Low renewing their vows at Strichen on their 68th anniversary

A Mintlaw couple will celebrate their Platinum wedding anniversary today, marking 70 years together.

John (94) and Lucie (90) Low married on October 7, 1944, at St. Mary and St. Margaret’s Church, Castle Bromwich.

Bride Lucie made all of the dresses and it was a lovely, happy day.

John was born at Broomfield, or Breamies as he calls it, in 1920, spending his later childhood years at Dorbs Hill Farm which is part of the Auchmacoy Estate.

He was stationed near Coventry during World War Two and that is where he met Lucie, who lived in Castle Bromwich at the time.

John was awarded a Carnegie Scholarship and attended Aberdeen University, where he attained a first class honours degree in Physics.

He had intended to do Mathematics but the war demanded a need for physics and he spent much of the war years working with Radar.

Lucie made the move north to Dorbies but the language and the ways were very different from home, and with a small baby to look after she was at times none too happy, but she remembers making friends with the wife of one of the farm hands who also had little ones.

Together they have lived in many parts of Scotland while John pursued a career teaching physics and Lucie brought up a family of five.

Their eldest child, Ian, was the only one born in England during the war.

Their first daughter, Pamela, was born at the old Ellon Hospital in February 1947, the year of the bad storms and cold temperatures - John remembers skating down the road to the hospital to see the new baby!

Lucie and baby Pamela were taken home in a horse and cart.

Their third child, Christopher, was born in Monifeith where John found a post teaching Physics.

Jennifer was the fourth addition to the family and she now lives in New Zealand.

Fifth child Janet was the final addition to the family.

John and Lucie are now proud to have 11 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.

Their daughter Janet said: “Everyone is very proud of Lucie and John who still live independently.

“Mum and Dad often keep in touch with family online.”