More praise for new community facility

Fraserburgh Community Council, along with Councillor Charles Buchan, almost ran out of superlatives for the Broch’s new pool and community centre last week.

Councillor Buchan had mentioned in his joint report, along with the absent Councillor Brian Topping, to the community council that he was pleased with how well received the new facility had been.

“I’m very pleased to see it’s being very, very well used.

“They were turning people away,” he said of the popularity of the gymnasium and swimming pool.

“There have been teething problems, but I’ve been assured they’re working hard at it,” he added.

Councillor Buchan added that Aberdeenshire Council had agreed to install better lighting between the existing fitness centre and the new facility to make it easier for people to walk between the

Community councillor Mary Melville added that she was very impressed with the new facility and, especially, the artwork designed by Carn Standing and how the old statue ‘Seagulls’ would look when finally unveiled.

“I’m sure when the wrappings come off it will be beautiful. I think it’s wonderful and has been worth every penny. I advise everyone to go see it and come back with a smile on their face,” she said.