MSL & Heritage Centre are ‘vital’ to Broch, says Tait

Saltoun Square, Fraserburgh.
Saltoun Square, Fraserburgh.

Fraserburgh & District councillor Ian Tait has written to The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses and to the Heritage Centre on matters of marketing.

The Independent councillor believes that both are vital to the regeneration of Fraserburgh’s local economy through the tourism that they attract.

Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.

Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.

Councillor Tait said that he believes both sites are excellent tourist attractions.

He said: “I believe that both organisations are vital to regenerating our local economy by bringing more tourists into town.

“MSL has permanent staff and the Heritage Centre has volunteers running it and delivering the exhibits.

“I would encourage anyone with an interest to get involved to make that known to them and I mean all across the age ranges.

“I have suggested for some time now that there should be joint marketing of the two organisations.

“Aberdeenshire Council provides funds to both - £90,000 (should be approved at policy and resources committee) to the MSL and £12,000 to the Heritage Centre though I would like it to be more.

“As a councillor, I believe we have to be sure we are getting best value from any organisation we support with public money and to me that means people have to work together.

“It does not make sense to me that those two organisations do their own individual marketing.

“I would like to see them co-operate and produce a marketing effort which includes the names and functions and attractions of both. I will still try to get the visitor attraction centre back to the town centre as I think that will help support the town centre shops.”