MSP highlights unfair delivery charges

Stewart Stevenson MSP
Stewart Stevenson MSP

MSP Stewart Stevenson is calling for an end to the unfair delivery charges facing many online shoppers in his Banffshire and Buchan Coast constituency.

It comes after fresh research by Citizens Advice Scotland revealed many Scots are facing charges of between 30-50%.

Supporting Richard Lochhead MSP’s Fair Delivery Charges campaign in the Scottish Parliament today (Wednesday 6th December), Mr Stevenson has condemned what Citizens Advice Scotland has dubbed the ‘postcode penalty’ facing online shoppers across Scotland.

A constituent in Fraserburgh faced a £19.99 excess charge for a book table which had the offer of free delivery for customers in England and Wales but not Scotland.

Meanwhile in Banff, leggings which cost £7.96 had a delivery surcharge of £11.96.

Mr Stevenson said: “It is extremely unfair that some of the most loyal online shoppers in the North-East and across rural Scotland are the ones facing location discrimination and having to pay a postcode penalty to get their items delivered this Christmas.

“Citizens Advice Scotland’s research shows that many businesses and families in Scotland are being charged an average of nearly £19 extra when buying goods online, and similar horror stories from the Banffshire and Buchan Coast area including in Fraserburgh.

“I am delighted that Richard Lochhead MSP has brought this issue to Parliament so that we can highlight the problem and stop retailers getting away with charging wildly different delivery fees for neighbouring postcodes simply because they can.

“Hopefully the campaign will force retailers to stop this discrimination and adopt set standards for deliveries to each and every corner of the UK, not least the North-East.”