MSP welcomes new programme

MSP Stewart Stevenson has welcomed the goverments program for the coming Parliamentary term.

The Minister for Environment and Climate change welcomed the set out on Wednesday which he has called ‘central’ to Scotland’s continued development.

The various measures outlined seek to distance the Scottish Government from the Tory-led London Government, with policies on jobs and growth, rather than cuts as a means out of the current economic difficulty.

First Minister Alex Salmond, said his Government was “Thinking Big” for Scotland as he urged MSP to support the plans.

Commenting on the initiatives Mr Stevenson said:

“The Scottish Government’s plans will further develop and promote growth and confidence in Scotland.

“The effectiveness of this strategy is evident in recent figures showing an improved picture for employment levels in Scotland compared with that of the UK.

“Central to Scotland’s continued development must be growth in jobs, a measure the Scottish Government aims to continue delivering upon.”