Mystery of the ‘whistling road’ is finally solved

Alex Salmond was 'delighted' to learn of the cause of the noise.
Alex Salmond was 'delighted' to learn of the cause of the noise.

The mystery behind an eerie ‘whistling road’ which has been baffling Buchan drivers, has finally been solved.

Former First Minister and Strichen resident Alex Salmond has unearthed the explanation behind screeching sound experienced by road users on a section of the B9093 Strichen to Mintlaw Road.

Mr Salmond’s inquiries revealed that the road in question is composed of an experimental surface implemented as part of Aberdeenshire Council’s drive to reduce Co2 emissions.

He said the stretch of road will be monitored throughout the year, and will have no adverse effects upon road performance or safety.

Mr Salmond said: “Many of my constituents have written to me regarding this peculiar matter, and I myself have often pondered the genesis of the celestial-sounding symphony coming from beneath my tires.

“I was happy to investigate this matter, and delighted to learn of the cause behind it.

“I’m sure that a definitive explanation into the exact cause of the sound will be disclosed in due course.”

The Buchan Observer reporters tested out the road for themselves recently and this video is the result.