New bus station plans submitted

Proposals have been submitted by Aberdeenshire Council that would see the bus station at Hanover Street, Fraserburgh, redesigned and brought up to date with modern facilities.

The proposals for the refurbishment of the bus station, submitted by agent Davis Langdon, detail what the new bus station would look like.

The new designs would see the Hanover Street bus station be refurbished with four offices, a staff area, and three public toilets, including a waiting room.

Access to the disabled toilet would also be moved to a location inside the building, the current access point currently outside of the building.

Cosmetic changes would also be made to the building front, with finishes including a single ply roof covering and double glazed windows.

Members of the public have until October 10 to comment on the proposal, which can be viewed at Aberdeenshire Council’s website:

It had been reported that the new refurbishment would create 150 square metres of new space for the bus station.

However, in a letter to Aberdeenshire Council planners, Davis Langdon have corrected the issue by stating that an error had been made.

“The planning application stated that 150 square meters of new floor area would be constructed however this is incorrect, the 150 square meters refers to the existing floor area which is being refurbished,” wrote the assistant building surveyor on the project, Colin Frew.

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