New club website for Fraserburgh United

With the new season starting last weekend Fraserburgh United have a new website where you can find all the information on the club.

The bright orange website has a host of content available to fans of the club.

The website is currently ran by a three-man team of Stuart Noble, Neil Heron and Iain Bisset.

The United players are running the website to give up-to-date information on the club.

Match reports, forthcoming fixtures, the league table and latest signings are all there on the website.

Sweeper Stuart Noble explained to the Herald the idea behind the website.

“The idea for a website has slowly been germinating for a couple of years now. Some of the older players in the squad have now decided to take a more active role in promoting the club and generally helping out where they can.

“Neil Heron, Iain Bisset and myself are just about computer literate which has come in handy as some of the committee members would maybe struggle to turn on a computer never mind run the website, so we kind of decided to push forward with it this season.

“Iain has done most of the groundwork in getting it setup and sorting out the domain name ( while I’m doing a bit more of the administrating on the site.”

Stuart added he hopes the fans can benefit through the creation of the website.

“I’m really hoping that the website will help fans keep track of what’s going on at the club,” he said.

“With our Highland League neighbours Fraserburgh FC usually grabbing most of the attention United can sometimes be forgotten, and it’s only in recent years that they have begun to get some press coverage.

“With the introduction of the website this will hopefully give anyone who’s interested in United immediate access.

“An added benefit of having the website is that we can hopefully now offer United as a more attractive sponsorship prospect to local companies, in that we can have their emblem/logo appear on our website along with a link to their own website.”