New Deer Anchor Boys in RNLI visit

The First New Deer Anchor Boys at the Fraserburgh Lifeboat Station.
The First New Deer Anchor Boys at the Fraserburgh Lifeboat Station.

The First New Deer Anchor Boys visited Fraserburgh Lifeboat Station on Friday, last week, with Mrs Martin, Mr Elphinstone and Mrs Read.

The met with coxswain Victor Sutherland who introduced them to second mechanics Iain MIlne and Ian Reid, and volunteer crew member Shane Richardson.

Victor told them all about the RNLI and Fraserburgh lifeboat and how all their equipment and training are designed to save lives at sea. He described how dedicated and committed his crew were, that they were all volunteers, and that they were ready to respond to their pagers at any time of the day or night and go out in all types of weather in order to help somebody who might be in trouble.

Victor then demonstrated the parts of a crew members life-jacket and how it self-inflates whenever some one falls overboard. He also pointed out the equipment contained in a lifejacket which would help the person in the water survive and get rescued. He described how the hand held flare and smoke canister, the whistle, the battery operated light, the buddy line and the lifting strops all helped to keep people alive and be found..

The highlight of the visit was the trip around the lifeboat itself when Victor, Iain, Iain and Shane took the groups of anchor boys all around the boat describing what everything is used for.

Each Anchor boy got to sit in the crew members seats in the wheel house and learned about the different roles of the crew. They also saw around the survivors cabin and got up to the bridge to see the view from the top. Walking around on deck they found out what many more pieces of equipment were for, like the “A” frame for hoisting people out of the sea.

They thoroughly enjoyed their evening visit and went home having had a great time and having learned a lot.