New fund for drink & drug charities

Alcohol and drug dependent people will have renewed support thanks to the Margaret Ritchie fund
Alcohol and drug dependent people will have renewed support thanks to the Margaret Ritchie fund

A new fund has been established to help community-led projects in the Broch who provide support for alcohol and drug dependents.

The funding has been made available by the North Community Forum of the Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drugs Fund (AADF).

The AADF is a forum of people “living, working and studying in North Aberdeenshire who come together to create solutions to local needs around alcohol, drugs and recovery”.

They have announced the Margaret Ritchie Community Fund.

The fund will be launched at the Fraserburgh Community and Sports Centre on Thursday, 3rd September at 10am.

It is named after local community activist Margaret Ritchie, who did lots of work helping people recover from alcohol and drug addiction.

Margaret, who died in January this year, set up SMART (self management and recovery training) groups across North Aberdeenshire to do much of her good work.

Luan Grugeon, co-chair of the North Community Forum, said: “Margaret was an exceptional person who saw a need for peer led recovery support in her own community.

“Through her hard work and dedication, these groups have flourished and many people in recovery have benefitted.

“The fund is named in her memory as we hope it will encourage more people to be like Margaret and come forward to make a contribution to our local solutions to alcohol and drugs.”

The presentation at the sports centre will be open to the public, who are “welcome to come along and join us to get a lot of background information” about the fund, Luan added.

There will be a talk about the work and inspiration of Margaret.

The day will also include a “conversation cafe”, which will be a chance for people to talk about the goals of the fund, and recovering addicts will discuss their experiences with the work of the North Community Forum.

For information on how to apply for funding, email