New members do well in photo contest

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The Fraserburgh Photographic Society met last week to receive the results of the first monthly competition of the season.

The judge was Doctor Richard Bingham, secretary of the Edinburgh Photographic Society, Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, and holder of the award of Excellence from the International Federation of Photographic Art.

In total, 11 members had submitted 33 images for the competition, and everyone was keen to see the images submitted by the new members to see how they scored.

Dr Bingham, who had sent his marks and comments to the club electronically, said that he was looking for creativity and thought put into the images, he wanted to feel a sense of place, mood and atmosphere.

A good record shot, he said, would not score highly, although technical quality of the images had to be high.

He gave feedback on each of the competition entries pointing out where technically there could be improvement and giving his opinion about the composition of the images.

The top three were as follows:

1st- ‘Ventura Adventure’ by Stuart Fenty. Dr Bingham praised the ‘fun geometric curves’ of the image taken on board a cruise ship.

He liked the way they led into a life belt so the picture was not empty.

He also liked the way in which the two decks reminded him of the two jaws of a monster about to consume the land that could just be seen on the horizon.

This image was given full marks, 20 out of 20.

2nd- ‘Wish you were here’ by Alistair Henderson.

Dr Bingham picked out the ‘strong sky colours’ and the ‘long exposure giving the sea a misty look’ as important point of this image taken at

This scored 18.

3rd- ‘Vaulted Ceiling’ by Jim Gray.

Dr Bingham liked the good balance of light that had been achieved in a difficult situation and the good colours and shape of this image of a French church’s interior.

It was given a score of 17.

Both Stuart Fenty and Alistair Henderson, new members, along with Jim Gray were congratulated on their success.

These images and the winners of past competitions can be seen on the Fraserburgh Photographic Society’s website at

Tonight’s meeting is entitled ‘The Magic Lantern’, and will be presented by Bill Noble.

Next week’s meeting, on October 18, is a show by Jim Gray entitled ‘Mill and Iona’.