New puppy to pound the beat in the north-east

Bodie new police dog.
Bodie new police dog.

A new recruit will be pounding the beat chasing up new leads in the north-east.

Bodie is the newest addition to Operational Support Division’s Dog Unit and will start basic puppy training in the next few weeks. Within a year he will be well on his way to becoming a fully licenced operational Police dog.

Bodie will live at home with his handler and will be integrated into both the work and family environment. He will live alongside two serving Police dogs - a seven year-old German Shepherd and a four year-old Springer Spaniel.

Following a long line of Police dogs in the north east, Bodie is the latest Police dog to be selected from the Metropolitan Police Service’s Police Dog breeding programme. There are currently two serving German Shepherd Police dogs within the north east who were bred by the London force.

PC Steve Warden, Regional Police Dog Instructor for Aberdeen said: “Bodie will be a welcome addition to the North East Division of Police Scotland. He was selected from a litter of nine specially bred pups and was deemed top male dog after a series of basic puppy tests.

“I am confident Bodie and his new handler will go on to become a highly successful team in keeping people safe in the years ahead.

“Police dogs are trained in a number of specialisms including general purpose duties as well as detecting drugs, cash, firearms and explosives. General Purpose Police dogs are also often involved with searches for missing people.”