New Recycling Project

Council premises throughout Aberdeenshire will benefit from an innovative environmental project introducing on-site composting.

Local environmental charity Aberdeen Forward has teamed up with Aberdeenshire Council’s waste team to involve over 20 schools and council premises.

Participating sites will receive waste advice and audits designed to cut down on food waste, as well as practical help in the form of a compost unit, food bins and compostable bags.

Gillian Marr, who will head up the project for Aberdeen Forward, said: “This is an exciting opportunity to take practical steps to reduce food waste in schools and workplaces. We will be on hand to take staff and pupils through a step-by-step process from audit to composting, which will be backed up with plenty of training and peer support from other participating venues.

“The funding and support from Aberdeenshire Council has allowed us to build on our previous work with schools.”

Chairman of Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee (ISC), Peter Argyle said: “We have around 600 staffed premises across Aberdeenshire, many of which generate food waste.

“A large number of our sites already compost their own food waste on-site using small scale composter units. This project will enable us to look in more detail at the types and amount of food waste generated and focus on identifying and implementing site-specific opportunities for both waste reduction and composting food waste on-site.”

ISC vice chair Jill Webster said: “The data and findings of this project will also be used to consider potential food waste collections from some of our larger council premises this year.

“It is an opportunity for Aberdeenshire schools and council premises to lead the way in dealing with food waste, making a further contribution to the drive to push up the area’s recycling rate.”

For further information on or to register interest, please contact Gillian Marr on (01224) 560360, or at:

Alternatively, please contact Amanda Ingram on (01467) 628680, or at: