New teachers welcomed to Fraserburgh Academy

Parent council members along with Councillor Buchan and the new rector, David Clark.
Parent council members along with Councillor Buchan and the new rector, David Clark.

Fraserburgh Academy’s parent council hosted a meet and greet event at the community centre last week in order to welcome the school’s new teachers, and rector, and introduce some of the parents of the students.

Former physics teacher at the academy, turned local councillor, Charles Buchan was also in attendance at the event, welcoming the new additions.

He said: “The Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council has to be commended for putting on this very successful event.

“Because of the large number of new staff starting work in the Academy this session, the Parent Council and its Chair decided to put on a welcome event for all the new staff, including the many probationer teachers, to let them see that the community is supporting and appreciating their work with our children.

“There was a very high turnout with 10 members of the parent council, three councillors, Charles Buchan, Brian Topping and Hamish Partridge, the new rector, David Clark, and members of the senior management team, and, most importantly, the 15 new members of staff.

“It is hoped that this event will help to stabilise staffing, and to encourage the new staff to stay on in Fraserburgh, and build their careers here,” he added.

Speaking at the event, Morag Rennie of the parent council, paid tribute to the new rector of the school, David Clark, by saying that he has already brought stability and renewed enthusiasm to the school in his short time there.

She also welcomed Gordon Young and Helen Hendry as new members of the management team.

Welcoming the new probationary teachers, she said: “You are the future and your talent needs nurturing. If you guys are happy here, then we will get the best out of you, and that means you will get the most out of your year here.

“Of course, it would be great if you decide to stay after your probation, but even if you have already decided to move on, then we can help make your time here a happy one.”

On the new staff she said: “We are already to embrace the breadth of experience and knowledge and diversity of culture which you bring.

“The parent council here at Fraserburgh can be part of your support network. North-east folk are among the most hospitable and kind people on this planet, but we can be a bit backward at coming forward. Sometimes we need to be asked to help.

“If you need help with accommodation, finding a church community, or your nearest belly dancing group, then we can help with all of that and lots more,” she added.