‘No drinking’ signs go up around Fraserburgh


Pictorial signs warning the public of the public drinking bye-law have been erected in parts of Fraserburgh.

Opposite the ‘Four Corners’, between Fraserburgh Harbour and the Wine Tower, one of the signs has been attached to a lamppost, warning public drinkers that they face a £500 fine if caught.

The signs, which feature a picture of alcohol with a strike through it, are hoped to be to the benefit of all on-street drinkers, targeting those who may not have English as a first language.

A report to councillors at August’s Banff and Buchan Area Committee said: “Anecdotal evidence suggests that some of those in breach of the bye-law may not be able to understand the existing notices and therefore the use of visual/pictorial signs would both promote inclusion and help to raise awareness of the bye-law within the community.”

At the previous meeting of Fraserburgh’s community council, concerns were voiced about the usefulness of the signs, however.

This was echoed in a previous question that the Fraserburgh Herald had asked its Facebook followers, with readers concerned that no one would take notice of the signs. Since July 2007 it has been an offence to consume alcohol in Fraserburgh on any day of the week, with the exception of December 31, from 6pm until 6am on January 1.

The signs have cost £1,515.40. Fraserburgh Community Safety Group have put £450 towards the cost of the aluminium signs.

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