No provisions for glass collections, say council

RECYCLING: Councillors Buchan and Topping voiced their frustration at the new system.
RECYCLING: Councillors Buchan and Topping voiced their frustration at the new system.

Aberdeenshire Council has told the Fraserburgh Herald that there will be no provision made for people unable to recycle glass under new waste collection measures.

The new measures, which are scheduled to come into force late this year or early 2014, will be phased across the Shire over two years and will cost just under £3 million more than the amount spent on waste and recycling collections in the 2012/13 period.

The move has concerned Fraserburgh and district councillors Charles Buchan and Brian Topping who fear residents may have to travel some distance to get to a recycling point near their home.

Councillor Topping told the Herald he was concerned that people, who have been recycling with the current system, would now be sending their glass to landfill rather than take it to a recycling centre.

“A lot of folk are busy, or are not able. Many folk will now end up putting bottles into their bin and it will end up in a landfill,” he said.

And Councillor Buchan warned that the new system could see people facing a ‘hike’ to get to a recycling point.

The local authority said that while no provision would be made for people unable to get to a recycling point by themselves, a number of neighbourhood recycling points for glass would be established.

A spokeswoman for the council said: “There are no plans for special provisions to uplift glass for people who cannot access recycling facilities.

“However, we are planning to increase the number of neighbourhood glass recycling points to make it more convenient for people to use these facilities.

“Three-quarters of our recycled glass is already collected at the 182 recycling points available across Aberdeenshire. We hope that most people will be able to access one of these facilities, either on their own or with the help of neighbours, friends or family.

“The new recycling arrangements will include collection of a greater range of items, including extra plastics and cardboard items, as well as food waste, which should compensate for the loss of the glass collection.”