North-east teachers plan Nepal trip

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A group of seven teachers from around Scotland are preparing for a trip to Nepal next month.

The team will travel to Nepal on April 2 for over two weeks to run a series of workshops with Nepalese teachers to train them using best practice strategies from Scotland.

The workshops will include Active/practical science, Active learning in the primary using literacy and numeracy, IT and computing as well as helping to support head teachers.

Three of those taking part are from Meldrum Academy- Hilary (Meldrum Rotary and a retired head teacher) is the team leader and her husband, Mick will also represent the Rotary and Jennifer Rees-Jenkins, a science teacher at the school.

They hope to help teachers become motivated and encourage students to attend school and have fun learning about literacy, numeracy, science and computing.

Final arrangements for the trip were made last week at Meldrum Academy.