Odds n Eyns

Weel weel an, n foo’s aa mi freens e day?

A teuk a funny turn the ither day here!? No, A didna hae ti ging n see e doctor – it wisna aat kyn o a funny turn. Na, na, wi aa es fine wither aat wiv bin haein A think A got a touch o spring fever ---- A gid n yokit mi mower! A dinna think A’ve seen sae muckle growth in e girss nae for a lang time, n giein it a bittie o a trim whit a difference its made ti the place, fair made it leuk a lot tidier like.

Asweel as cutting girss A’ve tirled ower mi rose – bed n A’ve managed ti feenish diggin mi vegetable plot, bit oh me, mi back wis richt sair e followin day! Nae maitter its richt fine ti get yokit ootside again espeesully noo e birdies are aa getting on wi fit they shuid be daein at es time o ‘eer. Their singin is increasin daily day noo, whittin fine it is ti harkin till’t again. Doon in e moss in front o wir hoosie here there’s a Mavis gies it laldie early ilka mornin, then a Robin reedbreest gets goin, n then in nae time aa the ither birdies jine in es bonnie chorus.

A’m richt pleased asweel ti see aat wir Skirlin Wullies n wir Peesies are back in their nesting gruns again, aye, there’s nae doot aat Spring is in the air!

Anither thing aat es fine days maks ye wint ti dae is tak oot e car n gang for a wee drive n aat wis jist fit e Wife n me did the Sunday jist past. W left e hoose aboot eleiven o e clock n jist meandered – up throu Auldmeldrum, ower ti Pitcaple n then heided up e road ti Huntly far at the roonaboot A gid ti the left for Rhynie. Noo A’ve aye hid a great fascination o placenames – fit wye did places get e names they’ve got, n fit div they mean? In fac w keep a notebook in e car n

fin w see an interaistin name w screeve it doon n then check it oot fin w get hame. Noo es checkin oot process sometimes unswers wir problem, bit mair n aften it leaves us scrattin oor heids.

Tak for example e name o Pitcaple, w ken aat maist names stairtin wi “Pit” his Pictish reets n means “a part of” or “share”, bit e “caple” pairt is a bittie mair confusin, in ae beuk it means “horse” (horse share) n in anither beuk it means “chapel” (chapel land or ground)!

Tak yer pick? Then w cam ti Rhynie, its meanin is maybe a thochtie easier ti unnerstan – as far as A can fun oot it cams frae e Gaelic wird “Roinnean” n es means “a small promontory or small hill”, maist descriptive A wid say o Rhynie.

E neist placie aat w cam til wis Lumsden, es village wis founded in 1825 n named efter e laird o Auchindoir fa wis Harry Leith Lumsden.

Doon e road a bittie farrer n w cam til e Toll o’ Mossat – e “toll” is there for aa ti see, aat is e Toll-hoose at e road junction. The richt name for Mossat is in fac “Invermossat” n es cams frae e Gaelic Inbhir-mosach” n it means “the dirty inver” n es maun refer ti the colour o e waater.

Of coorse Mossat is faamous for its antique shop far they keep a gweedly stock o aal beuks so am sheer ye aa ken aat A stoppit, n ay, A did fun in wi anither interaistin beuk ti add ti mi collection!

Noo A’ll feenish es month’s screevins bi giein a loud cheer - Hooray!!! Did ye aa hear aat? Fit A’m A cheerin for? E Don’s winnin e League Cup of coorse!