The holidays aren’t coming...just yet

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Fizzy drink giants Coca-Cola accidently published on their website that their Christmas truck was coming to Fraserburgh this November.

The news quickly spread via social mediabut it appears that Coca-Cola published a test page on their website and that the final route for their truck has not yet been confirmed.

On Friday a Coca-Cola spokesperson said: “We’re working hard to finalise this year’s truck tour and are looking forward to sharing the official route in early November.”

The spokesperson also went on to say that the official tour dates have not been released and will be released this week.

The website page which first published the results has been taken down.

The original Christmas truck route that Coca-Cola had published stated that the truck would visit Fraserburgh on the 21st ofNovember and would be parked outside the Saltoun Inn from 12pm to 8pm.