Where is the drone we’re looking for?

Kristopher Taylor and his missing drone
Kristopher Taylor and his missing drone

A Fraserburgh man is searching for his £1500 drone after a technical hitch caused it to go missing during a flight on August 3.

Kristopher Taylor was flying the hi-tech Phantom 1 Drone behind the leisure centre in Fraserburgh when it stopped responding to his commands.

Kristopher said: “This is an extremely rare fault that can occur in maybe 1 in 10 thousand.

“It’s designed so it would land safely on a roof or in a garden or anywhere.”

Kristopher is making an appeal to anyone who has seen the white drone with red stripes which is fitted with a go-pro at the bottom.

The Phantom 1 Drone can fly up to a mile away from the operator.

Kristopher said: “It flew in a north-east direction.”

He added: “It was from behind the leisure centre over to the direction of the library when I saw it go down. it could be anywhere within 200 to 300 yards.”

A drone hunt of over 30 people turned up to search for the missing unmanned aerial vehicle.

A Facebook post asking about the whereabouts of the missing aircraft has also garnered 500 shares.

Anyone with information on the missing drone should contact Kristopher on 07482233669.