Official complaint lodged as vandals destroy life saving equipment at Fraserburgh beaches

The broken life buoy at the Waters of Philorth
The broken life buoy at the Waters of Philorth

A Fraserburgh councillor has lodged an official complaint with Aberdeenshire Council and hit out at vandals over the destruction of life buoys at Broch beaches.

Councillor Brian Topping has criticised the "stupidity" of vandals who have destroyed three life buoys in the town as well as complaining to the council over their inaction in fixing them.

The councillor says he has complained at least five times to the council in regards to replacing the broken buoys but nothing had been done, forcing him to make an official complaint.

Cll Topping said: "How dangerous and terrible a thing for someone to do.

"I just hope that the people that have done these things don't actually get into difficulty in the water and require life saving equipment, it's there for a reason.

"It's just plain stupidity."

Three buoys in the town have been damaged including one at the Waters of Philorth and Cllr Topping says the council needs to act before someone is hurt as a result.

He said: "I'm also disappointed with the council.

"I've now reported it at least five times and there's still nothing done.

"It's been almost two months and I've now put in an official complaint.

"I'm just concerned that while we are waiting for something to be done there will be a call for it to be used."

Margaret-Jane Cardno, Area Manager for Banff and Buchan said: “These incidents of vandalism are very worrying as this equipment could be needed to save a life.

“We are working to resolve the issue and replace the vandalised lifebuoys”