Online Brochers clean four corners


A group of local Brochers are looking to renovate a once popular beauty spot which has fallen into a state of disrepair.

The four corners, based on the coastline between Kinnaird Head and Fraserburgh’s harbour, features a small shelter that looks outwards onto the sea, affording visitors to the site the opportunity to take in the sights from the lighthouse to the harbour.

However, the popular location has found itself in need of repair.

Graffiti now graces all corners of the shelter, with the benches removed.

Public drinking is also evident at the site, broken bottles and packaging a regular sight.

A band of local people, however, have rallied over the weekend and have already begun work to remove litter from the site and begin renovating the shelter.

Following discussions on ‘Fraserburgh - Brochers and proud of it’, it was also revealed that local companies had offered their services in the project.

Attending the site on Monday, the Fraserburgh Herald found local painter and decorator David Thomas at work on the shelter, who said he got involved after reading about it online.