Opinion: New Year resolutions - There’s always next year!

As part of a new year ritual many of us find ourselves making promises to turn over a new leaf.

My New Year resolution this year (and many years previously) was to lose two stones before going on holiday to Tenerife. As I approach three weeks until I depart for this holiday I have accepted the fact that this goal is now unobtainable as I have in total lost an unstaggering two pounds!

As I weighed myself on Monday my eyes watered at the realisation that I wouldn’t reach my goal in time. In all honesty, I was doomed by the January 5.

Like most new year resolutions of mine and many others, January usually goes well for goals, but for some reason by February all will power is out the window. Most of us who set ourselves resolutions are motivated to begin with, but we soon find ourselves diving back into the biscuit tin, opening that bottle of wine (sometimes two) and conveniently forgetting to go on that jog we promised to do every second day.

But how many of us actually go out for a nice meal and order a salad? I think that you do have to allow yourself treats now and again but it’s hard to find the boundary between indulgence and enjoyment.

Apparently, the most common reason for people failing to achieve their New Year resolution is they set their goals too high. I think that’s where I have gone wrong. It’s good to have a goal weight that you want to achieve but I put myself under a lot of pressure to lose weight in such a short time and felt defeated before I had even started. Perhaps smaller goals such as cutting one thing at a time from your diet and going for a long walk would mean a slower process of losing weight but would probably keep the pounds off longer.

I unfairly have blamed genetics for my inability to lose weight. My mother has the same problem as I do as our love for nice meals and Pinot Grigio has gotten in the way of us looking like runway models – as I am sure we would. We constantly are on the phone to one another discussing what we are going to do to lose some extra pounds but most of the time it seems like all talk and no action.

However my genetics argument is somewhat flawed by my father and sister who aren’t carrying any extra pounds. My sister chooses not to drink – not for any medical or health worries but just because she doesn’t like alcohol. Could this be the secret to weight loss?

I think I would find it hard to give up my treat of a glass of wine on Friday after a week at work. Ok, wine is fattening, but there’s nothing better than coming home and sipping on a glass to help relax and unwind.

As for eating healthily I find it hardest in the evening and weekends. Working full time I see myself eating well through working hours but by the time I arrive home I’m so hungry I end up snacking before I have my dinner. The weekend is even worse when a lot of the time I will have either a takeaway or go out for dinner as well as meeting a friend for lunch.

When it comes to exercise, the gym seems a bit like an urban myth to me. I have heard about it in passing and in books but have never actually seen it in the flesh. It may be an excuse but I wouldn’t like the idea of running on a machine beside a size zero fitness fanatic who barely has a drop of sweat on their body.

I think we all know deep downthat the only way to lose weight is to have a combination of exercise and healthy eating. Most of us wish there was a quick solution but in reality there’s not.

So I will have to accept the fact I won’t be looking like Kate Moss when I go on holiday. Mind you, there’s always next year!