“Parksmart” aim for Operation CEDAR

Fraserburgh Police Station
Fraserburgh Police Station

Following a number of recent complaints from local schools, businesses and communities within the Fraserburgh area, a week of action under Operation Cedar is taking place this week to address these concerns.

Operation CEDAR (Challenge, Educate, Detect and Reduce) is an ongoing road safety campaign designed to reduce the numbers of serious and fatal road traffic collisions across the Division.

The complaints received from the public have mainly focussed on illegal parking around the communities’ primary schools and the excessive speed of some drivers as they pass.

There have also been similar complaints of illegal parking within Fraserburgh town centre which has had the potential to place pedestrians at risk as they go about their business.

Sergeant George MacDonald, expressed his concern over the illegal parking both around schools and within the town centre, and similarly in relation to the areas near school crossing patrols.

“There is no excuse to put these children’s safety at risk simply to save a few seconds by parking nearer the school than necessary.

“Similarly, driving at excessive speed around schools and near the school crossing patrols will also be targeted by trained officers.”